Program and Performance Management

Insignia provides professional program and performance management consulting services designed to continuously improve business processes. We have a highly dedicated and experienced team who collaborate with our client organizations and streamline internal practices and processes for better efficiency and accuracy. Our approach to performance management is designed to build the measures, capabilities, competencies, and organizational accountability to assure consistent performance excellence and continuous process improvement. We focus on building clear connections between operational strategy and performance metrics. Our approach incorporates organizational, program, and process-level drivers to ensure traceability to performance objectives set by the operational strategy and metrics.

Our program and performance management services include:

  • Detailed project planning and design
  • Project life-cycle implementation and management
  • Streamlining processes to designed to maximize program effectiveness
  • Project tracking and oversight
  • Economic analysis and resource management
  • Accurate and standardized reporting;
  • Strategic plan development and implementation
  • Policy and procedure, strategy and program plan development
  • Meeting facilitation and coordination
  • Program evaluation and cost reduction
  • Technical white papers, trade-off studies, and market surveys
  • Business process improvement

Other Services